Why Shiksha Rath?

Around 70% of the 2000 children in the Outram Lines slum aged between 0-15 attend state schools. According to regular surveys conducted by Shiksha Rath, the children attending these government schools do not know the English alphabet or numerals correctly, hence are unable to read or write in English. The low standard of teaching and the irregularity of classes in these government-run schools waste many precious years of education for these children.

We, at Shiksha Rath, were challenged to find an alternative plan that would not only assure a high quality education for the underprivileged children from the Outram Lines slum, but would also provide a safe environment that is both enriching and without discrimination.

We also learned that the standard of education and general knowledge of the slum children is at such a low level compared with that of other children that it made it immensely difficult for them to catch up in mainstream schooling. The situation as it stood previously meant that the children were being set up for failure in all areas of their education.

These problems inspired us to start the Shiksha Rath holistic education.


Donations to Shiksha Rath are always welcome whether a few books for the library, a musical instrument or a sum of money, it all helps...
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Shiksha Rath
2144 Second Floor, Outram Lines
Mukherjee Nagar
Delhi – 110 009

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