What is Shiksha Rath?

Shiksha Rath (Chariot of Education) is an after-school project that offers holistic education to underprivileged children. Our aim is to equip these children with necessary skills to enable them to perform well in life as well as to prepare them to become role models and leaders for the next generation. There are 80 children between the ages of 7 - 18 from more than 50 households in the Outram Lines slum of North Delhi who are currently part of the programme.

Shiksha Rath has three goals:

  • To provide underprivileged children with the best of holistic education.
  • To train them in employable skills and so help them break the cycle of poverty.
  • To imbue them with the values of their own cultural traditions and enable them to be future agents of social and economic change within these great traditions.


Donations to Shiksha Rath are always welcome whether a few books for the library, a musical instrument or a sum of money, it all helps...
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Shiksha Rath
2144 Second Floor, Outram Lines
Mukherjee Nagar
Delhi – 110 009

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