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2022 is a milestone for Shiksha Rath as we celebrate 12 years of wonderful work amongst the slum children of North Delhi. We are grateful for giving us such an opportunity to serve the underprivileged children and families, at the same time to learn life’s great lessons through the challenges we have experienced over these last 10 years. We are also really thankful to all the friends and well-wishers who have supported us and journeyed along with us so far.


In these 12 years, many kids have come and gone but 60% of them have remained with us from the beginning. Out of the regulars who have journeyed with us, as of today, 12 of them are employed, 4 have started their own businesses, 6 of them are attending college and 2 are taking vocational training. More numbers will follow suit in the next 2 to 3 years.


Apart from all the regular (annual, monthly, or daily) activities like classes, medical camps, experiential and educational trips, daily nutritious food and snacks etc, we have also taken up 4 campaigns.

Anti-child marriage. We have done extensive survey and research among this community and successfully organising awareness and advocacy among the parents of our children.

Anti-abuse for women and children. This campaign also came out of the abuses faced by our children and their mothers at home. We were able to rehabilitate 2 of the families from this community. We will continue to step in and offer interventions and help whenever we are needed.
Anti-child trafficking. In collaboration with Justice Venture International, we organise camps and awareness programs for the Shiksha Rath families as well as for the whole community.

Girl’s Education. We have special provision for girls who would like to pursue academic field.


In the last 12 years, around 700 university students have completed their internship with Shiksha Rath. Apart from helping the children in their studies and involving in other activities, the internship has been an opportunity of learning for the interns as well. Our college interns have learnt a lot about life principles, values and finding purpose for their life through their involvement with Shiksha Rath. We have indeed seen many lives of our interns being changed even as they have worked with these children.


Donations to Shiksha Rath are always welcome whether a few books for the library, a musical instrument or a sum of money, it all helps...
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Shiksha Rath
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