Simmi (name changed), a 12 year old girl lives in constant fear of men. The first few months in Shiksha Rath, she would just look away or would not even respond when ask anything and was not interactive at all in the class. It was communicated that she has got full of attitudes and the team was finding it difficult to handle her tantrums. This was before we found out her real problems.

It was learned that Simmi is often hit and beaten up by her father and brother. Adding to the woes her previous tutor would also hit her every time when she could not do her lessons well. Simmi’s father would frequently torment her saying she should have never been born. She constantly faces abuse physically and mentally from her father and brother which kind of instilled in her the thought that every guy would be the same.

In class she would not interact with boys and male teachers. She thought that she is disliked by all the teachers in Shiksha Rath. One of the staffs spoke to her and found out all her struggles and difficulties she was facing at home with her own father and sibling. A shocking incident also came to light that out of frustration, Simmi once attempted suicide by cutting her wrist.  She was made to understand that suicide is a crime and the not right solution to her problems and that she should never think of it. She was also made to understand that there are a lot of people who love her and care for her, like the people in Shiksha Rath. By the end of the conversation after words of consolation and explanation a confidence was won and Simmi felt more relieved knowing she have people around in whom she can confide.

The next day, Simmi came with a smile greeting everyone and a matter of fact greeted even male teacher. A positive change was seen in her which was a big encouragement for the team. Simmi also got the best student award which was a big encouragement and a boost for her confidence. She might still be facing problems but that did not deter her from smiling and enjoy the good things in life which is around her.

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