Shiksha Rath Tutorials

Shiksha Rath Tutorials offers 2 hour daily sessions (Monday-Friday). It focuses on regular school lessons and gives special emphasis to spoken English classes. This programme is open for all children from classes 1-9 who are willing to come regularly and commit to learning. Children are taught in small groups by University students.

The Goals of Tutorials is:

  • To help them do well in their school work.
  • To prepare them for University and to find scholarships.
  • To connect children the right training/opportunities.
  • To offer employment opportunities for selected children within Shiksha Rath.


Donations to Shiksha Rath are always welcome whether a few books for the library, a musical instrument or a sum of money, it all helps...
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Shiksha Rath
2144 Second Floor, Outram Lines
Mukherjee Nagar
Delhi – 110 009

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